Valuation and Surveys

FORMAL VALUATIONS for overseas authorities.

Whilst recognised in most countries throughout the world The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has not yet been accredited in Thailand. Equally Thai Valuers are not accredited in many countries overseas.

This creates an issue for anyone requiring a formal valuation from a qualified valuer of property in Thailand to be used for official purposes, either in the Courts or Tax authorities overseas.

As a Chartered Surveyor with over 40 years of international real estate experience, the majority of overseas authorities will accept a Valuation Report prepared and signed by me.

Different countries have different requirements and much depends on the purpose of the valuation. Sadly many valuations I have carried out are for divorce matters. In the UK there are specific rules with regard to such valuations and they must comply with Part 35 of the Civil Procedures Rules. In Australia the report must be accompanied by an Affadavit witnessed by a Notary.

All formal valuation work is carried out in accordance with the International Valuation Standards Committee of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

A formal valuation report will usually consist of a Valuation Certificate, a full Valuation Report accompanied by location plans, photographs, copies of land titles and copies of my Professional Diplomas.

Before accepting valuation instructions I will determine the purpose of the valuation and where it is to be used. I will then issue a Letter of Instruction to be signed and returned to me. I will then make arrangements to inspect the property and obtain all relevant documentation. Provided I have been given all necessary paperwork to complete the valuation, the final report will be available seven days after the inspection.

Valuation for Sale:

If you wish to sell your property please contact us through the Contact page and we will send you a list of document copies we require in order to list on our web site. This will usually at a minimum be a copy of the land paper (front and back), the Tabien Baan (Blue House Book) and other documents we consider necessary at the time, after which we will arrange to inspect the property and offer our advice on the likely selling price.  We make no charge for this service and it is without obligation. We will at the same time send you a copy of our agency terms and conditions.


If you are buying a property we can carry out an inspection for you. This need not be a full structural survey and we rarely find this necessary.  We will discuss with you the extent of any survey you wish us to undertake and we will include specialist inspections of the technical installation (electricity, water etc) and the swimming pool if there is one. The inspection will be purely visual and we will report on anything we consider requires more detailed or intrusive investigation.  Unless you are contractually committed and have paid a non-refundable deposit, sellers do not usually allow us to carry out inspections which can be damaging to the building. We will tailor the inspection to the points which are important to you.

Please go to Contact page for further information.