We have all had computer problems I suspect and they always happen at the worst  possible time. That is why this months Newsletter is fashionably late. Essentially I lost all my data, all my email addresses and emails. It has taken me a week to get back what I can and luckily the Newsletter mailing list is kept off site by Mail Chimp. The basic Newsletter was mostly recoverable but not my usual preamble and I am a week behind in my work of maintaining the web site and dealing with inquiries and inspecting new properties etc. So this is not going to be very exciting or informative this month.

Briefly the rainy season is well and truly here, and whilst the roads still flood, there is a distinct improvement with the drainage. This morning I drove from the office to near Bangkok Hospital. Heavy, heavy rain all morning. Fisherman’s Village to the Ring Road was flooding but passable, Town Centre was flooded and bikes were having problems, Big C was impassable except for lorries but you could get through by way of their car park. I came back 90 minutes later and Big C and Town Centre were totally clear and Fisherman’s Village was much lower. Won’t last though! Heavy rain forecast for the next couple of days.

If you want to stay up to date with the weather here are the sites to look at.
Thai Met Office Weather Radar – the one that serves Samui best is Chumphon –

There are two which give a bigger picture with forecast displays as well;100.39;8&l=rain-3h and

Also there are some local Facebook pages which give up to date, on the ground reports of flooding and other traffic matters, – Thunder Road Reporters
and Roads of Koh Samui
Should be clear by the weekend – I hope!

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