KSP Newsletter No: 151 – April 2017

Population of Thailand

If you are interested in statistics there is some new information from the Department of Provincial Administration about the population of Thailand and the number of foreigners resident here. They take the figures from the number of foreigners required to report to Immigration every 90 days.

The total population of Thailand at 31 December 2016 was 65,096,905 Thai nationals plus 834,645 registered foreigners. There are no separate figures for Koh Samui as these figures are compiled on a Provincial basis but Suratthani shows a Thai population of 1,045,860 plus 5,053 registered foreigners most of whom I would suspect are in Koh Samui. If we say that 80% live in Samui and Immigration is only open 60 days in any 90 day cycle they have to process 67 people a day on average – just for the 90 day report. On top of that they have resident’s annual renewals and tourists extensions so it is little wonder it gets busy and crowded. You can see this report here although only in Thai.

What the figures hide though, or perhaps just do not show, are the numbers of non-registered migrants and refugees from neighbouring countries. The 2010 Census shows that there were some 1,292,862 people from Myanmar alone, by far the highest number of foreign nationals, but no indication of the proportion who were here working on special visas or as refugees.

The 2010 Census for Thailand as a whole also showed that the highest numbers from Europe were from the UK (85,850) followed by Germany (24,381) and France (22,489). The full Census is very comprehensive and contains a wealth of information including the types of housing, household appliances, water sources etc. If this is of interest to you it is available here Population Census in both Thai and English.

 I am constantly being asked about the state of the market here and it is without doubt pretty slow – not dead as some sales are happening but if you look at the list below you will see a great many price reductions this month. Over 35 owners reduced their prices with an average reduction of 20% so some considerably more. Obviously the change in the value of currencies still plays a part in this as does the uncertainties surrounding Brexit about which there are as many views as grains of sand on the beach. Once again all the experts and pundits are divided in their opinions and previous experience suggests they are all wrong and only time will tell.

 Looking out across to Koh Tan the other day I could see the ships laying the new undersea water pipe edging their way towards the mainland. It does not look as if they will meet their target of this month, but then we did have a lot of unexpected bad weather through into February and simply to get it finished this summer will be an achievement.

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– Population statistics of Thailand
– New Listings – 9
– Price Reductions – 17
– Thailand Public Holidays in April
– Cruise Ships visiting Samui in April
– Raja Ferry looking at Andaman Sea route
– Samui vies for year-round bookings 
– Platinum to commence construction of two Samui hotels this year
– Bangkok Airways to link longhaul to more beaches
– Samui Sharks Swim Team sweeps to 1st Place

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