KSP Newsletter No: 155 August 2017


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 We keep hearing a great deal about the Chinese buying in Samui but I am not seeing much direct evidence of this in the re-sale market although there are indications that Chinese developers are buying land with a view to developing for the Chinese market.

 Juwai.com is one of the largest Chinese agents offering real estate to Chinese buyers and they have just issued their latest report on trends in that market.  Outbound Chinese investment in real estate has increased dramatically from USD 5billion in 2010 to USD 101billion in 2016. This includes real estate purchases made by corporate investors and individual, or retail-level, investors. The main target for Chinese investment is the USA, followed by Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and the UK.

 Of the SE Asian countries, Thailand has shown the least increase in demand as compared to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Cambodia where the increase in inquiries was a massive 311%.

Moving away from the Juwai report and looking at other reports on Chinese buyers and why they prefer other countries it is clear that Thailand’s land ownership laws, visa requirements and lack of available finance are disincentives compared to the ease of investing elsewhere in the world. The Chinese investor is a new phenomena and they do not have the experience of investing outside of China so they will take the path of least resistance. Note that four of the five top countries in the Juwai report have English as their primary language and all have legal systems that are clear and transparent.

There is no doubt that the Chinese market has great potential but whether that potential will be seen here in Thailand and in particular in Koh Samui we must wait and see.

This is an interesting article from Travel Daily News – Asia.

“Packages Drive Increased Revenue
Overall, Average Daily Rates (ADRs) – a common performance metric for hotels – for package stays were higher versus standalone stays by an average of more than 5%. This shows a substantial rate boost for hotels – and an incentive to include their hotels in package offerings. As an example, there is substantially more package demand for 4-5 star properties in Phuket and Koh Samui as compared to standalone hotel demand in these beach destinations.”

I wonder how this would relate to the Villa rental market? The full article can be found here.

The full Newsletter contains the following  :

Comments on the Chinese market.
8 New Villa Sale Listings
3 New Rental Listings
5 New Apartment Listings
4 New Land Listings
4 New Price Reductions

Public Holidays in August – One
Cruise Ships visiting Samui in August  – None

From the Press
– More hotels to join effort to tackle Koh Samui’s waste
– Anayara Resorts plans Thai debut in Phuket

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KSP Newsletter No: 154 July 2017

I have been trying to follow up on the new water pipeline being laid from the mainland to Samui. I mentioned this is in my July Newsletter last year following a visit to the East Water desalination plant in Plai Laem. Since then it has been possible to see the barges laying the pipeline. Taken from Notice to Mariners for the area the line of the pipeline is shown on this chart extract. More on this as information becomes available.

Chart courtesy of https://webapp.navionics.com  

This is an extremely interesting and useful web site which covers the whole world. If you enter the site and zoom in to Samui at a small scale, especially around the Nathon area you will see why the cruise ships that visit us stay so far out. The first issue is the depth of water. You will see that the 10m line is quite far out and it gets quite shallow inside that line as you will regularly see at low water. As most of the ships draw around 8m that leaves little margin for error. The second thing you will see is the plethora of submarine cables in that area which they must avoid when anchoring. If you recall the major electrical power outage which lasted for a few days a few years ago, you can see the new underwater power cable that they then laid from the mainland to the sub-station in Maenam.

 The Notice to Mariners was issued in October last year and stated

1. From September 2016 to April 2017 Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA)
The following pipe will be installed”

It then gave eight coordinates from which the attached line was drawn – although some of the later coordinates seemed to be on land! The barges have gone so I am presuming the line has been finished and it just remains to connect to the pumping station in Ban Kao and complete the connections round the island.

 If you would like to see all Notices to Mariners they can be found here http://www.hydro.navy.mi.th/NTMs/ntm.htm in Thai but Google Translate for once does a reasonable job.

For those of you who have your water direct from the PWA and get a PWA bill each month, you usually pay at the 7-11. However, if you forget to pay by the due date (or just want to save 10 Baht!) you need to pay at the PWA in Nathon or to save the trip, once a month there is a mobile office at the Lake in Chaweng. It is there for three days from 10.30-15.30 usually the Monday – Wednesday on the 3rd week of the month. Exact dates can be obtained from the PWA 077 200 517.

The full Newsletter contains the following articles and links
New Listings – 9
Price Reductions – 6
Public Holidays
Cruise Ships

Bangkok Airways Offers Special Privileges to Women Travelers throughout the month of August 2017

Bangkok Airways and Hong Kong Airlines enter into codeshare agreement

Scandal brewing as key forestry official transferred over Koh Phangan airport plans

Koh Phangan airport project hits snag

Tourism Authority of Thailand upgrades mobile apps for tourists

Captain on the bridge – Raja Ferries

Two foreign thieves – at least one believed to be an American – were arrested by police on Koh Phangan on Tuesday.

Healthy Summer Camp for Kids on Samui

Thailand to launch new 10 year multiple entry visa for over 50s

Universal Aviation Thailand to provide customer service & ramp training to Koh Samui Airport

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KSP Newsletter No: 153 June 2017

Oh dear! Here we go again. Let’s have a bridge to Samui. See the article below. I cannot believe this man is serious. Apart from the fact that the money could be far better used to improve the infrastructure on the island there are major errors of logic in the argument. For one, he suggests that businesses would continue to use the ferries, but why would they unless the Toll for the bridge was exorbitant – no one should think for a minute that if this ever did come to pass, that it would be free. This came up about five years ago when the cost was estimated at Baht 7.5 Billion and that included a tunnel which was even more ludicrous as the tunnel was shown as going under the deepest part of the sea at that point.

Chart courtesy of https://webapp.navionics.com
I seriously doubt this will ever happen and I am not convinced it would be good for the island but stranger things have happened.

And so onto the next project which looks as if it just might happen. Samui looks to be getting a second roundabout. This one to be south of Nathon at the cross roads to the Samui Nathon Hospital and the PWA Offices.

Images courtesy of FACEBOOK contributors.

The full version of this Newsletter contains the following:

New Listings
Price Reductions
Public Holidays
Cruise Ships
Bangkok Airways Operating results
Former Democrat MP proposes Bt45-bn bridge to Koh Samui
Samui Regatta sets the standard for sports tourism on Samui
Bangkok Airways Supports Slow Loris Conservation Project
The 9th Queen’s Cup Bangkok Airways – SAT Samui Golf Tournament 2017
The Tongsai Bay, Koh Samui, Thailand welcomes Martin Heiniger as new General Manager
Koh Phangan ferry gets stuck on sandbar just after leaving port.

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KSP Newsletter No: 152 May 2017

In February last year my Newsletter was about the way in which Land Papers are surveyed throughout Thailand with reference to the seven base stations in Chonburi, Srisakhet, Uthaithani, Lampang, Chomphon, Phuket and Pattani. This being the basic reference frame of GPS Stations in Thailand. There are then a total of 18 First Order Stations around the country which form the Primary Network of GPS Stations. There are then a further 692 GPS Secondary Network Stations.  


How do you recognise these stations? I have been following a web blog “Changwat, Amphoe, Tambon” and the writer recently included this issue and gave examples. They are very much like what you would expect to find used by the Ordnance Survey in the UK. Each has a plaque stating its purpose in both Thai and English. 

I have yet to find one on Koh Samui but if anyone in their travels comes across one please send me a photograph and GPS location.

Some Provincial Offices have similar structures (see below) with plates stating a GPS location, but these are Geographical markers not necessarily part of the Thailand Survey but simply to record the location of the Office. Some give ridiculously precise coordinates extending to five decimal places of a second which having regard to continental drift was inaccurate as soon as it was built.






The full version of this Newsletter contains the following:

Land Department Survey Points
Price Reductions
Public Holidays in May
Cruise ships visiting Koh Samui in May – actually none!
Bangkok Airways receives its latest ATR72-600

Giant King Cobra returned to nature in joint Thai/British rescue operation Samui

Hospitality Veteran Lyle Lewis Joins Conrad Koh Samui as General Manager

ISS Camping Adventure to Angthong Marine Park

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KSP Newsletter No: 151 – April 2017

Population of Thailand

If you are interested in statistics there is some new information from the Department of Provincial Administration about the population of Thailand and the number of foreigners resident here. They take the figures from the number of foreigners required to report to Immigration every 90 days.

The total population of Thailand at 31 December 2016 was 65,096,905 Thai nationals plus 834,645 registered foreigners. There are no separate figures for Koh Samui as these figures are compiled on a Provincial basis but Suratthani shows a Thai population of 1,045,860 plus 5,053 registered foreigners most of whom I would suspect are in Koh Samui. If we say that 80% live in Samui and Immigration is only open 60 days in any 90 day cycle they have to process 67 people a day on average – just for the 90 day report. On top of that they have resident’s annual renewals and tourists extensions so it is little wonder it gets busy and crowded. You can see this report here although only in Thai.

What the figures hide though, or perhaps just do not show, are the numbers of non-registered migrants and refugees from neighbouring countries. The 2010 Census shows that there were some 1,292,862 people from Myanmar alone, by far the highest number of foreign nationals, but no indication of the proportion who were here working on special visas or as refugees.

The 2010 Census for Thailand as a whole also showed that the highest numbers from Europe were from the UK (85,850) followed by Germany (24,381) and France (22,489). The full Census is very comprehensive and contains a wealth of information including the types of housing, household appliances, water sources etc. If this is of interest to you it is available here Population Census in both Thai and English.

 I am constantly being asked about the state of the market here and it is without doubt pretty slow – not dead as some sales are happening but if you look at the list below you will see a great many price reductions this month. Over 35 owners reduced their prices with an average reduction of 20% so some considerably more. Obviously the change in the value of currencies still plays a part in this as does the uncertainties surrounding Brexit about which there are as many views as grains of sand on the beach. Once again all the experts and pundits are divided in their opinions and previous experience suggests they are all wrong and only time will tell.

 Looking out across to Koh Tan the other day I could see the ships laying the new undersea water pipe edging their way towards the mainland. It does not look as if they will meet their target of this month, but then we did have a lot of unexpected bad weather through into February and simply to get it finished this summer will be an achievement.

The full version of this Newsletter contains the following:

– Population statistics of Thailand
– New Listings – 9
– Price Reductions – 17
– Thailand Public Holidays in April
– Cruise Ships visiting Samui in April
– Raja Ferry looking at Andaman Sea route
– Samui vies for year-round bookings 
– Platinum to commence construction of two Samui hotels this year
– Bangkok Airways to link longhaul to more beaches
– Samui Sharks Swim Team sweeps to 1st Place

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